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Shisa Nyama A Time to Braai
FASA Member
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Shisa Nyama, Zulu slang for “Buy and Braai”, has been practiced in the African culture for many years. What started off as a way for township butcheries to increase their weekend sales has grown in popularity as a venue where people can relax, socialize and wile away an afternoon enjoying a music performance and even have their car washed. Five years ago entrepreneurs Desmond and Fatima Cele decided to amp up the ante by introducing this township pass-time to the middle and upper class suburbs around Johannesburg.

By accommodating the needs of their take-away customers and the needs of their sit-down clientele in their restaurant / lounge, Shisa Nyama successfully brought this township tradition to the doorstep of the emerging middle and upper class, where they work and / or live. By creating and building a brand in competition with known key players in the South African fast food industry and thereby contributing to job creation, Shisa Nyama hopes to contribute positively to the economic growth of our country.
The concept under the spotlight
Mix traditional African, Eastern and European flavours, recipes and cultures, cook for a couple of hundred years and you have the exotic tastes that are modern South African cuisine. Shisa Nyama is a true representation of something that is genuinely South African. By combining excellent grades of meat with the freshest ingredients and the friendliest service, Shisa Nyama brings you an exceptional dining experience or a take away, as is your pleasure.

The Shisa Nyama A Time to Braai concept embraces two business models, a restaurant/lounge catering to patrons who want to spend time enjoying the ambiance, and a fast food model for patrons on the move. With the idea of bringing the township Shisa Nyama vibe to the suburbs, where patrons can enjoy their soul food and soul music, live music performances is a feature characteristic of Shisa Nyama.
Focusing on a middle to upper class clientele that want to enjoy township traditions in the convenience of the middle class suburbs where they now reside, their customer base comprises mainly the up-and-coming middle class African community, however the concept’s wide appeal embraces all culture groups.

In a restaurant outlet the owner will be required to employ a chef, two braai staff, two cashiers, three general assistants and seven waiters, while the owner of a take away outlet will employ a chef, two braai staff, two cashiers and two general assistants.
Consider your support
The support and assistance provided by the Shisa Nyama head office includes site visits, administrative, product supply and marketing assistance, research and development and training.

The intensive in-house training course that all franchisees and staff are required to attend before a store opening is conducted over 15 days and followed by a period of on-the-job training. The training modules covered include management training, restaurant management and computer training. Supplementary training courses are available at various times during the year and will be run on an ongoing basis.

Marketing levy contributions are applied to the marketing and advertising activities of the group at the franchisors discretion. The intended marketing activities include a combination of radio and press advertising and advertorials in relevant consumer and trade magazines. The franchisor also advises on local marketing activities, and joint promotions and direct mail that convey the Shisa Nyama message to a defined market are encouraged.

Do you fit the profile?
The ideal Shisa Nyama A Time to Braai franchisee is a people’s person with superior selling and communication skills, is hard-working and exhibits a positive attitude.
Contact Information
Contact: Fatima Cele
Phone: +27 11 312 7745/7
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Founder Desmond Cele and Fatima Cele
Date founded 2007
Area of origin Midrand, Gauteng
CEO Fatima Cele
1st Franchise opened 2007
Number of outlets 4
Available areas See available opportunities
Average store turnover Restaurant R174 500, Fast food outlet R120 500
Achievable gross margins 68%
Average setup cost Restaurant R904 000, Fast food outlet R470 000
Initial franchise fee R60 000
Management services fee 5% of turnover
Marketing fee % 3% of turnover
Initial agreement term 5 Years
Renewal term 5 Years

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