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Digit Vehicle Tracking
Why go anywhere without it?

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Digit Vehicle Tracking is a strong annuity-based business-in-a-box opportunity in the rapidly expanding vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions (FMS) industry. By their own estimation, Digit Vehicle Tracking is currently the seventh largest tracking and fleet management services company in the country and they continuously strive to improve this rating.

The fleet management and vehicle tracking industry is a progressive industry where the requirements, specifications and add-on features are constantly evolving. By developing their own hardware and software and establishing a network of distributors to get their product to market, Digit Vehicle Tracking has distinguished themselves from the competition.
The concept under the spotlight
Digit Vehicle Tracking dealers have access to three possible income streams — the profits on hardware sales, the installation thereof and the annuity income from customer subscription payments. For every tracking system installed, the franchisor charges the franchisee a small monthly fee for accessing their servers and the franchisee carries the cost of the SIM cards. Running this business is not a desk job and requires some hands-on effort by individuals who have a good understanding of the automotive, insurance and security industries.

The company’s DFuel™ system, which allows for live diesel monitoring, has taken the market by storm, establishing Digit Vehicle Tracking as a leader in the live diesel monitoring market in South Africa; a huge advantage in the current economic climate. All products carry a one year warranty and as they manufacture their own products, replacement parts are readily available.
The target market serviced by Digit Vehicle Tracking includes anyone who runs a vehicle in the execution of their duties.

The number of staff employed will depend on the functions the franchisee chooses to perform, be it sales, installation and/or support. The business does not require premises, especially at the outset, as 99 percent of all business engagements, from the introduction and sale to the installation, are typically done at the client’s premises. In the long run, however, having a shop front will add value to the business and encourage walk-in customers.

Consider your support
The franchisor offers multi-tiered support that includes regular software updates and ensures that franchisees stay abreast of market trends.

A comprehensive training programme ensures that franchisees are fully equipped to provide customers with technical support. Attendance at the annual conference, where extensive sales and hardware installation training is provided, is compulsory.

Marketing campaigns are carried out across a variety of media, from newspapers to radio adverts and billboards.

Do you fit the profile?
A Digit Vehicle Tracking franchisee is an entrepreneurial-minded person with a fair grasp of current technology and an interest in the automotive industry. A hands-on owner-operator who can fill many roles will keep costs down and maximise profits.
Contact Information
Contact: Lee Bester
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Founder Rordon Cowley
Date founded 2007
Area of origin Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO Rordon Cowley
1st Franchise opened 2007
Number of outlets 95
Average store turnover R100 000 +
Achievable gross margins 75% to 120%
Average setup cost R350 000 to R500 000
Initial franchise fee R175 000 (incl in set-up cost)
Management services fee None
Marketing fee % None
Initial agreement term 3 Years
Renewal term 3 Years

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