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A+ Students
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Initially known as SEMAS South Africa, the rebranding on the concept to A+ Students was initiated in 2013 and kicked off with a national advertising campaign on DSTV. Founder Marlene Mouton is a mathematics and science teacher who, while witnessing how many matric students were struggling with various concepts, was inspired by an insert on Carte Blanche that showed Japanese children as young as five doing amazing sums by mentally adding, subtracting dividing and multiplying large numbers in seconds.

Today, A+ Students boasts 620 teaching facilities across all nine provinces with over 31,500 students enrolled since 2006.
The concept under the spotlight
A+ Students is an ideal prospect for opportunity seekers looking to exit the formal teaching or corporate sectors and will also suit passionate candidates who love children and want to provide and better educational future. The franchise offers two complementary income streams achieved through tuition and a small retail section selling educational play products and toys. A+ Students hosts annual national competitions and through their association with the Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (PAMA) also participate on and international level.

At A+ Students they believe that learning starts with play. Children as young as two and a half years attend extramural courses, learning how to solve complex arithmetic problems by playing with the soroban (abacus) and the A+ Play Maths range of educational toys. Learners experience improved concentration and a boost in self-confidence.
With their ‘learn through play’ approach, lessons are interactive, physical and fun. Classes are limited to seven learners and typically start with Brain Gym, which promotes left and right brain integration, boosts energy and is excellent for midline crossing, followed by flash cards and speed writing. Students use a big soroban to familiarize themselves with the concept and practise finger exercises on it to refine their motor skills. This moves learning from the abstract to the concrete and helps them to grasp the notions of adding and subtracting, after which they will be able to step-up the numbers with which they are dealing.

Typical locations include malls, shopping- and lifestyle centres and each outlet typically employs two teachers and possibly a sales assistant. Initially, franchisees will teach from schools and other venues until the business is strong enough to expand to the ‘store’ environment.

Consider your support
Franchisees receive comprehensive support including initial and mandatory ongoing training to ensure teachers and franchisees develop and reach the highest possible level of competence. The A+ Head Office also provides full design and marketing services, operational support, and evaluations including teacher moderations. All teaching materials and retail products are available from the Head Office and appointed suppliers.

Do you fit the profile?
While prior teaching experience is not a prerequisite, it will be advantageous. Franchisees must have basic financial acumen and the skills to motivate a team, manage sales personnel and see to the administrative duties of the business. Franchisees must be willing to market the business to schools in the surrounding areas.
Contact Information
Contact: Andy Raouna
Phone: +27 11 958 2910
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Founder Marlene Mouton
Date founded 2005
Area of origin Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO Marlene Mouton
1st Franchise opened 2005
Number of outlets 120
Average store turnover Available on request
Achievable gross margins Available on request
Average setup cost From R175 000
Initial franchise fee R175 000 (incl in set-up cost)
Management services fee 25% of turnover
Marketing fee % None
Initial agreement term 5 Years
Renewal term 5 Years

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