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touch-less disinfection service

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Sanondaf International was founded in Malta in 2012. Since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds and the brand is now represented in seven countries.

Mother and daughter team, Kirsty and Jackie Harron brought the Sanondaf franchise to South Africa in 2017 and they aim to be the #1 disinfection service business in the country, making a positive impact on your family’s health and that of your customers, staff and your business.
The concept under the spotlight
Sanondaf offer franchisees a proven and tested concept, fully protected intellectual property and a system that has generated continuous positive results and a consistent return on investment.

The latest generation of Sanondaf touchless disinfection solutions combine the effect of both their spraying devices and disinfectants solutions, allowing for the air and surface areas in a room to be disinfected automatically. Sanondaf’s patented disinfectant is a highly effective oxidizing disinfectant that kills 99.99% of all hazardous germs and bacteria without posing any threat to humans, animals or plants. Sanofog – Sandondaf’s fogging device was developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that transforms the disinfectant liquid into a dry fog. Sanostatic – The electrostatic spray disinfectant system features a sprayer nozzle that adds an electrostatic negative charge to the disinfecting solution. Sanochem – This shock treatment is ideal for surface disinfection and kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria viruses, mould, fungi and any micro-organisms.
Hospitals, catering companies, gyms and fitness venues, schools, universities, day care centres, transportation vehicles, hospitality industry, farming and agriculture, vets, assisted care facilities, funeral homes, and any work environment really, are all businesses that can benefit from Sanondaf products.

Sanondaf is a work from home opportunity starting simply with just the franchisee, who can employ additional staff as the business grows. Operational areas will be discussed with each applicant individually.

Consider your support
Hard earned experience has contributed to Sanondaf’s reputation as a leader in the industry and their experience also ensure they keep ahead of the competition. As your committed partner we will be with you all the way, it will be our mission to bring you unbeatable support that will allow you to excel in your local territory. Franchisees will be able to draw on the franchisor’s expertise and success, and benefit from their ties with equipment and disinfectant product manufacturers.

The franchisor will provide support in setting up a business location, supply the spraying application machines and specialized disinfection solution, advice on an appropriate support system and pricing strategy.

Do you fit the profile?
The ideal Sanondaf franchisee is successful, ambitious, energetic, motivated and has a winning way with people. They are comfortable setting and achieving demanding targets, both for themselves and any sales teams they may employ.
Contact Information
Contact: Kirsty Harron
Phone: +27 76 479 3279
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Founder Kirsty & Jackie Harron
Date founded 2017
Area of origin Fourways, Johannesburg
CEO Kirsty Harron
1st Franchise opened 2017
Number of outlets 2
Average store turnover R78 000
Achievable gross margins 80%
Average setup cost R460 000 (incl R50 000 working capital)
Initial franchise fee R280 000 (incl in set-up cost)
Management services fee 8.5% of turnover
Marketing fee % 2.5% of turnover
Initial agreement term 5 Years
Renewal term 5 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive