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Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Originally started a CCTV installations company, the idea behind the Cam Era business model goes as far back as 1993. By 2009 they realised that the way to grow and duplicate the business system was through franchising and so their first franchise opportunity, ibotix, was introduced to the market. However, the complexity of the business model proved too challenging for novice business owners to manage making it difficult for them to achieve a return on investment within a reasonable time frame. With these lessons duly noted a simpler, faster more lucrative model franchise model was developed and by partnering with Videofied and Macado they created the finely focused, robust franchise model known as Cam Era.

In South Africa we have a false alarm rate (FAR) of 99.97%. This means that families and businesses that experience a real activation, may have a dangerously long wait as armed response officers attend to the false alarms before their activation. The Cam Era value proposition is a real game changer as it’s based around the ability to give clients what they should be getting but aren’t.
The concept under the spotlight
The Cam Era franchise model allows franchisees to spend every day in customer facing activities instead of being distracted by operational concerns. Cam Era is a work from home opportunity. Working one’s territory singlehanded yet interdependently, means that franchisees benefit from lower start-up costs which ultimately allows them to achieve a faster return on their investment. The real game changer is that all client’s CRIME incidents are visually verified remotely by the control room’s full-time intervention officers at the 24/7/365 Command Centre, meaning response teams are only sent once it has been confirmed that a crime is actually being perpetrated.

Until now people have been protecting their families and business assets with ‘blind alarms’ and/or CCTV, both which offer zero detection in the event of a total power outage. Cam Era’s primary product is an Eskom-free intruder alarm system complete with video verification and backup support that may be rented or purchased outright. High-risk businesses will find value in their FIGHT-BACK SYSTEMS which allows them to communicate directly at the intruders and contain their movements by remotely opening and closing doors or, if necessary, blast them with sirens, lights, fog or pepper gas.
Cam Era currently protect homes, commercial properties, industrial properties, plant, machinery, aeroplanes, cell towers, farms, mines, copper cables, water pipes, boats, vacant properties and perimeters. In fact, their security systems are so flexible and versatile, that the target market potential is limited only by your imagination.

Consider your support
In addition to training, coaching and mentoring the franchisor provides administrative, operational, technical support programmes and also assumes responsibility for the company’s procurement, pricing and product policies. The franchise package includes a 5th generation iPad/iPhone 8 as well as an i7 Laptop complete with clic2quote, Windows 365, a Videofied demo kit and all templates needed to build a business from day one.

The initial training comprises two weeks of field and classroom training and an extensive evaluation. After approximately three months franchisees will attend a refresher sales training course that covers professional selling skills, security technology, technical aspects of the products and systems, how to conduct a risk assessment, business acumen and financial management.

Do you fit the profile?
Franchisees must to be: 1) passionate about security 2) fascinated by technology, 3) hardworking and 4) sales driven. They should also be trainable and be able to work with the support of a dedicated team. Whilst not a prerequisite, it is desirable that franchisees enjoy the support of their family as they embark on this new venture. Sincere enthusiasm is the biggest trait they value in their applicants, the rest can be taught.
Contact Information
Contact: Bill Sandham
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Founder Bill Sandham
Date founded 2018
Area of origin Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO Bill Sandham
1st Franchise opened -
Number of outlets -
Average store turnover Available on request
Achievable gross margins Available on request
Average setup cost R410 000 to R440 000
Initial franchise fee R320 000
Management services fee 5% of turnover
Marketing fee % 1% of turnover
Initial agreement term 5 Years
Renewal term 5 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive